This is the home page of a mother, Marlene & 2 daughters, Karen & Maria, and their families, who share their love for dogs. Sadly, Marlene is no longer with us but her memory lives on in her daughters and her dogs.

Marlene had 8 bearded Collies and they were all well known over the years under the name of Westmilwunda Bearded Collies. The story of how Marlene got started in Beardies is told on her Tribute page. Marlene's longtime dream was to establish a Bearded Collie Club in South Africa and this was something she was instramental in getting it going. The Club was inaugerated in October 1997.

Karen, who lives in Durban, has 7 Beardies of her own and has 2 of Marlene's Beardies living with her now. A show enthusiast from the beginning, Karen has been showing beardies for as long as Marlene had. She is co-registered under the Westmilwunda name. Karen's interests include judging and she is qualified to judge the Herding & Working Groups at Championship Shows and is now on the herding & working group panels. Karen is the secretary of Highway Kennel Club, an all breeds club based in the Durban area.

Maria, who lives in Johannesburg, has 5 Lhasa Apsos and 1 Dalmatian. As children, we had a Dalmatian that we brought over from England when we emmigrated to South Africa. When the Dalmatian died at the age of 13 Maria wanted another one but Marlene had set her heart on the Beardie. Maria vowed to have a Dallie again when she had a place of her own and this she did as soon as she got married. She has been a committee member of the Dalmatian Club of South Africa for 9 years and presently puts together the Club magasine. Maria's interest in Lhasas started quite by accident but they are now an integral part of her life. Maria is a registered learning judge now starting with the Utility Group. She also sells the Plush Puppy range of grooming products from Australia.

In the pages that follow, we will introduce you to our families, canine and human, and help you to get to know the 3 breeds.

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