Marlene founded our specialist Club in 1997 with an inaugural General Meeting being held on 8th October 1997, in Gauteng. Our first Annual General Meeting was held on 24 October 1998. The Annual Financial Statements were presented and for its first year of operation, the club did well, achieving a profit of some R2000. This was raised from club activities like grooming clinics for new puppy owners (and others) and a show training clinic, and a breed clinic. There were also some successful fundraising activities like raffles, sale of Beardie shape biscuits and pottery fridge magnets.

We now have Kusa (Kennel Union of Southern Africa) affiliation and are now officially known as the The Bearded Collie Club of Gauteng, although we would like to stress that the club is open to all Beardie owners and enthusiasts throughout Southern Africa and Internationally as well !

Our main aim at present is to incorporate as many Beardie people as we can, no matter where they reside and send out a regular news letter, invite any questions or share any problems that the owners may have and help to solve them. We also offer advice on show training. Even those people who have not thought they were interested in dog shows will be surprised how interesting it can be and just how many friends they can make in this way. We can also offer people advice on training their Beardie and also taking part in dog jumping (after their Beardie is 14 months old), agility, carting and also obedience training. Beardies are very versatile dogs and can excel at most things.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Bearded Collie Club should send their name and address to Maria Heneke, at the email address below or mail the Club at P O Box 1558 Edenvale 1610. Please add a little information on your beardie(ies), name, age, sex etc.

The cliub has gone from strength to strength, this year holding a Qualifying show. Next year, the first ever Bearded Collie Specialist show will be held by the club. This means that championship points can be awarded at the specialist show. This is quite an achievement for a young club.

Recent Club Activities

The Beardie Christmas party - click here to see pictures from the recent party.


Please contact Karen  ( for more details

We hope to make this a really family type club so please join and lets get to know everyone. If you require any further information you can e-mail us at Hope to hear from lots of you soon.

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